Għalxejn (1994)


Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Dates: 20th August 1994; and 18th, 20th November 1994

Venue: University Campus – Pjazza Dun Karm (August); MITP (November)

Performers: Russell Muscat, Loranne Vella, Simon Bartolo, Annabelle Mifsud

Ghalxejn was a bilingual performance comprising of four different sections, each one having its own distinct style. The four fragments were titled:
1. Ghalfejn,
2. 6 Pieces,
3. Iskot, and
4. Spettaklu ta’ Gideb.
The collage form of Ghalxejn was seminal for the fragmentary style of some of Aleateia’s later productions, namely Is-Sellum, A Heap of Broken Images and Spettaklu ta’ Gideb.