Loss (2010)



loss cuts her
and in the silent whispers of her sweat
she sees his smiling eyes

shock numbs her
and in the deep dark corners of her days
she feels his daring shove

grief floods her
and in the slow sweet sadness of her nights
she swears she sees him stare

fumbling pleasure. hands
touching. death touching.
her own would. have
made it. okay .

Loss cleaves her
and in the clammy cauldron of her cunt
she spills her bitter tears


moaning monster magnet more

and in the callow cavern of her grief
discovers hope and
finds relief


Loss is an intense solo piece which deals with the difficult process of grief which a young widow suffers. The wordlessness of the piece represents the universality of the theme since pain is understood on a direct level, without the use of any one particular language. The result is a “play” which comes across as a hybrid between dance, physical theatre and drama in which the performer – Antonella Axisa – gives an electrifying performance under the visionary direction of writer and director Simon Bartolo.


Loss was performed on the 25th and 26th of July 2010 at the St James Cavalier Theatre, Valletta