The Equivocators (2006)



Everything is what it seems… in a play where I come to terms with some of the scenes that have puzzled me for a long time in Shakespeare’s plays. Why does Cleopatra just turn around and leave Antony to his own devices in Actium if she loved him so much? Why does Hamlet want to kill his uncle but finds it so hard to decide? And why oh why does Iago act the way he does? Well, because of the equivocators of course! But who are they? Ah, that remains to be seen. Do they themselves know who they are? Do I? Is everything really what it seems? Of course it is…


The Author
This performance was written specifically for the Shakespearean Commemoration of 2006, organised annually by the British Culture Association. The evening was held at St. James Cavalier on 26 April 2006.


Witch Lawyers – Toni Attard, Veronica Stivala, Sephora Gauci
Macbeth / Arthur’s Ghost – Gilbert Micallef

Written by Simon Bartolo

Lights – Joseph Vella
Graphic Design & Video – Olwyn Jo Saliba

Special thanks to:
Lizzie Eldridge
Alex Vella Gregory
Mario Vella
Dorothy Baldacchino
Kari McKay