The Hollow Room (2005)




The hollow room is the empty theatre that can be transformed by the imagination of playwright, director, performers and, audience into anything they choose it to be. Like Shakespeare’s ‘Wooden O’ which characterised the prologue to Henry V , the hollow room can become a palace, a forest, an island, a vessel, a cottage, a lake… anything! It is a theatre structure which allows the performers to move from one production to the next according to the particular requirements of the current project.

This time the hollow room becomes the mind of Hans Christian Andersen, his imagination, opening possibilities that can only be dreamt of in the life quotidian. It becomes his stories, his moods, his travels, his emotions…

Aleateia’s Waiting Room (2003: Malta , Greece ) has been refurbished with the help of Du` Theatre Troupe. The duality created by the two groups blurs until it becomes a perfect unity in which performers embark on a journey of pure fun, and play around to their hearts’ content around the boundless world that is Andersen’s.

The Hollow Room has been officially selected to participate in The Meeting Place 2005: A Tribute to Hans Christian Andersen , in Esbjerg , Denmark on the 11 th of October.



Victoria Vella
Loranne Vella
Magda Van Kuilenburg
Simone Spiteri
Franica Pulis
Sephora Gauci
Chris Galea

Tim Ellis

Olwyn Jo Saliba

Victoria Vella
Florrie Vella
Marisa Spiteri

Paper Cut for poster
Simone Spiteri

Olwyn Jo Saliba

Chris Galea
Simone Spiteri
Simon Bartolo

Front of House
Joseph Vella
Veronica Stivala
Gilbert Micallef
Dorothy Baldacchino

Music Composed & Performed by Chris Galea

Emperor’s New Clothes Songs by Simon Bartolo

Written & Directed by Simon Bartolo