Drowning Lilies (2005)



Edmund Zanter – Chris Galea
Emiliana Fogli – Dorothy Baldacchino
Liliana Fogli – Sephora Gauci
La Signora Fogli – Loranne Vella
Mr Ironwood – Gilbert Micallef
Miss Steppendolf – Olwyn Jo Saliba
Miss Pume – Veronica Stivala
Mr Jay – Joseph Vella

Original musical score by Chris Galea

Written and Directed by Simon Bartolo

Drowning Lilies painting by Vanni Pule’


“Should we impose our values on others at the cost of their happiness? Should we allow our shared cultural values to be taken over by new “cool” ones at the expense of our contentment? This is the theme explored by this intriguing play. On one level it is a story about Siamese twins who are happy to live sharing a hip, and the reaction the world has towards them, finally persuading them to conform to the value of independent living. Their delight in being one is truly enchanting.

On another I felt it was a commentary about the value the western world puts on individualism and how this emphasis is destroying other collective cultures which are based much more on interdependence and the importance of the togetherness. The consequences of the loss in connectiveness is brought out poignantly and leaves in the viewer a sense of the great emptiness that being ‘free’ can offer. “

Mary Ann Borg Cunen
Psychology Department
University of Malta