The Broken Plate (2004)



Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo (from an idea by Chris Galea)

Performers: Toni Attard as Lord Creon, Sephora Gauci as Ms. Ismene, Anna Formosa as Lady Sandra-Therese, Chris Galea as Mr. Thebes

Music by Gilbert Micallef (download clip)

Ten years have passed since Antigone’s cruel death and the city is besieged by decadence. Creon, Lord of Thebes, is a broken man. He can barely move without aid. Of the four children to be born from the incestuous union between his sister Jocasta and her son Oedipus, only Ismene remains alive.

The Theban tragedy is of such immense proportions that it verges on the absurd. Aleateia found the plate already broken and has worked with the fragments and shards that remained. The result is a half-hour concoction of absurdist tragedy, anachronism, nihilism, mystery, murder, mayhem and – most of all – dust.