These Pretty Wrongs (2004)


Written by: Simon Bartolo (based on William Shakespeare’s Sonnets)

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Dates: 22nd , 24th April 2004

Venues: St. James Cavalier Theatre in the Round (22nd), Sapienza’s Bookshop (24th)

Performers: Anthony Attard, Loranne Vella, Anna Formosa, Sephora Gauci, Victor Debono, Kevin Attard, Dominic Dimech, Thomas Camilleri, Annabelle Galea, Chiara Frendo, Veronica Stivala

Aleateia’s third BCA Shakespeare Commemoration. Collaborating with various actors including ex-members (Victor, Chiara, Dominic) and non Aleateia members (Kevin, Thomas, Annabelle), we built short playlets based on six sonnets by William Shakespeare. The pieces varied from representational to abstract and from comic to serious. The evening was neatly tied together with the presence of the Bard himself (played by Toni). Everything was preceded by a very interesting lecture on the sonnets by Dr Clare Thake Vassallo.