Vitamins and Eyecream (2004)



irected by: Simon Bartolo

Date: 2nd April 2004

Venue: MITP

Performers: Anthony Attard, Loranne Vella, Anna Formosa, Antonella Axisa, Sephora Gauci, Dominic Dimech, Kevin Attard, Victor Debono, Annabelle Galea

“Aleateia’s first proper collaboration ever – both with non-Aleateia actors and with musicians. We have worked with a band before (One Dead Poet) in our 1999 production Blazing Orchids but on that occasion, the band worked along with our text, with our story. The difference with Vitamins and Eyecream was that it was conceived by Niki Gravino so it was the reverse situation – we had to work along with his music. Faced with three original songs and two cover versions we encountered problems. Our greatest task was to create a theatrical situation which was reminiscent of a club gig and at the same time avoiding ending up as dancers or animators.
What I did was give the actors fragments of lyrics (phrases or single words) to work on. They produced movement sequences but since they’d never heard the songs themselves, they didn’t produce dance pieces. They worked in couples, trios and groups of fours. When all five sequences were completely ready, I played the songs and the actors just (!) had to fit what they had prepared to the time-frame of each song.
Next we turned the MITP into a club with professional lighting and sound, a bar, a DJ, screens, a cd-vending stand, etc. Madame Marie (Antonella Axisa), a French hostess to whom the “club” belonged, welcomed everybody – even greeting them in the street before the doors opened. The four Bruces (Dominic, Kevin, Toni Victor) provided some scary entertainment.”
Simon Bartolo