The Waiting Room (2003)


Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Dates: 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th May 2003; 12th June 2003, 26th October 2003

Venues: Drama Centre Mikelang Borg (May); Athens (June); Astra, Gozo (October)

Performers: Anthony Attard, Chris Galea, Massimo Farrugia, Loranne Vella, Anna
Formosa, Antonella Axisa, Sephora Gauci

Abstract in style, The Waiting Room works on kitsch and empty laughter to expose the failings of our inane world in which we are always waiting for something to happen. We are always following some promise to improve our lives. This changes in nature from religious to technological, but ultimately the effect is the same – waiting. We wait for a messiah, a super-hero, an ultimate rock star, a fantastic political leader. We wait for peace. The new promise is globalisation, which threatens us with sameness and lack of individuality. It is this new promise which is parodied in The Waiting Room.

The Waiting Room formed part of the International Drama Festival which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Mikelang Borg Drama Centre. Aleateia also performed The Waiting Room in the XI Biennial Of Your Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean held in Athens.
Finally, the same performance formed part of the Mediterranean Fringe Festival held in Astra Theatre in Gozo.