To Beguile The Time (2003)

Adapted by: Simon Bartolo (based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Cinematography: Anthony Attard

Date: 19th April 2003

Venues: University Film Studio

Performers: Loranne Vella, Anna Formosa, Antonella Axisa, Sephora Gauci

This was a very exciting project in which the four Aleateia actresses each had to re-enact one of Lady Macbeth’s monologues, showing how she plunges deeper and deeper into the madness that is caused by her guilt. What was so special was the fact that the whole piece was based on the videographic work of Anthony Attard who had to synchronise three different projectors with the four actresses and with a haunting incidental score by Chris Galea.

The result was dark, atmospheric and truly disturbing.