Helen of Troy (2001)

Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Date: 23rd April 2001

Venue: Bay Street Theatre

Performers: Sephora Gauci, Anthony Attard, Nathalie Borg, Loranne Vella, Chris Galea, Simon Bartolo

Helen is a has-been actress. Well actually she is an over-age would-be actress. She dreams of playing all the Shakespearian tragic heroines.
Her husband Troy thinks that she is foolish and her two maids make fun of her behind her back. In this one-act play – our first ever contribution to the British Culture Association’s annual Shakespeare Commemoration, everybody thinks they can act and even the stage-hands (Simon and Chris) end up performing the sonnet from Romeo and Juliet to show how they too are good actors.