Blazing Orchids (2000)

Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Dates: 25th , 26th , 30th November, 1st, 2nd December 2000

Venue: MITP

Performers: Loranne Vella, Antonella Axisa, Chris Galea, Anna Formosa, Sephora Gauci, Chiara Frendo

Blazing Orchids experiments with the genre of mystery. This is Aleateia’s first performance with a storyline, albeit not a chronological one. The style is gothic and dark. Developed in collaboration with Maltese alternative band One Dead Poet. “The world hangs from the ceiling, inverting its meaning, Acting demeaning. And I hang from the floor, wanting more. And the clothes that I wear are inept at concealing my hunger, My thunder, my wonder, my awe. The more I want, the less I get – the less I get, the more I want. It’s a simple equation In the face of frustration. I guess I always want more Than I’ve had before.” (from Alice Wanston’s diary)