On Hold (1999)

Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Dates: 8th December 1999; 17th , 18th , 19th December 1999

Venue: Union Club (8th) ; MITP (17th-19th)

Performers: Anthony Attard, Roberta Cauchi, Simon Bartolo, Loranne Vella

On Hold formed part of two events, namely the Annual Christmas Do organised by the British Culture Association (at the Union Club, Sliema), and the YMCA Festival (held at the MITP).


“Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Spirits of the house, good and bad.
A play is being offered for your amusement
It may be funny and it may be sad. …

We invite you to be bold
And put your life on hold
Tonight we invite you to partake
Of our hero’s private life.
Our hero’s name, by the way, is Jake
And his problem this Christmas is a simple one
Or perhaps a greatly complicated one.
Jake is too happy.”