Il-Kaxxa (1997)

Written by: Simon Bartolo

Directed by: Simon Bartolo

Date: 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th October 1997

Venue: MITP

Performers: Loranne Vella, Russell Muscat, Victor Debono, Alan Fenech

Il-Kaxxa is a box of surprises, inhabited by a small host of bizarre characters. There’s Mary De Cadenza who has yet to make her acquaintance with taste. Her son, Xadin De Cadenza, lives in a cage of his own device. He seems to have a fetish for bananas and his cardboard box. Mary’s lover is the postman. In his case, “post-man” seems to imply more than just a profession. Can he really be a specimen of the successor of mankind? Finally there’s Dr Frankalanza, who is not just a man of letters – he is also a man of stamps. He is intent on his mission to discover what lies beyond the horizon of homo sapiens, or man as we know him. Who or what will be the post-man? A question that intrigues Dr Frankalanza who is drawn to Xadin’s cardboard box for it might contain the solution.
All four characters are enclosed within the walls of Proverbs, the wisdom of ages. He provides the rules by which to live and, in so doing, encloses man in a seemingly secure box. When Proverbs is late to come in for the second act, the characters can have fun, and let their imaginations run wild…
Traditional Maltese farce meets theatre of the absurd. Il-Kaxxa is a play in which Aleateia revisits the genre of its first production, but also the roots of Maltese popular theatre.