The Drooming


Performed at Żigużajg Arts Festival for Children and Young People

By aleateia theatre at St James Cavalier

Malta, November 2015

Also as part of the Malta Showcase

Written and directed by Simon Bartolo

Performed by Loranne Vella, Sephora Gauci, Miriam Galea and Joseph Paul Vella

Original music by Gilbert Micallef

For information about touring, please see below.


Three women meet at a dream clinic, where they discover that they have something in common; they have all run out of dreams.

Through hypnosis and some other dubious techniques, Dr Droom persuades them to take part in a process he calls The Drooming. During the drooming session, the women can have vivid ‘drooms’ of everything they desire. But this is not all; once The Drooming app is installed on their smartphones, they are doomed to become the doctor’s mental slaves forever.

Dr Droom has plans to make his app go viral and dominate the world. But can his three experimental patients stop him before things get out of hand?


The Drooming is a wickedly whimsical musical comedy for 10-year-olds and their grown-up friends. It draws on the experience of several of aleateia’s past shows which have been performed in various countries and festivals.


Technical Rider for Touring:

The production is versatile and can be adapted to suit different stage set-ups.

Minimum performance space needed: 5m x5m

During Ziguzajg 2015, the production is being staged at the round theatre of St James Cavalier, with the audience seated on 3 sides while the fourth side is used for the set.

The stage set-up is basic with few set requirements, such as 4 chairs, a desk and other small props.

Operators needed: Sound and light technician.

The original score (both original music and opera tracks) is pre-recorded. There are also 2 original songs sung live and acapella by the actors.

General lighting is used, the other requirements being 3 spotlights, and red light.


Touring Company:

4 actors, director, producer